The Cracked Cluster

Tavern and Restaurant in Revenant's Toll, Mor DhonaOOC: Mateus Lavender Beds Ward 19-57 (NE sub aetheryte) - Tavern located upstairs

About the Cracked Cluster

Welcome to home away from home at the Cracked Cluster! Owned and operated by Feldspar Ruby-Leveilleur, the Cracked Cluster is a tavern that combines delicious foods with a down-home feel.Each menu item is lovingly made from scratch using recipes both created by and passed down to Feldspar over the years. They feature a variety of local cuisines and ingredients for a fresh, familiar meal sure to warm your belly and your heart. From soft, fresh-baked daily bread, to hearty stews and steaks, you're sure to find the perfect item to satisfy your taste buds.The Cracked Cluster also offers a variety of spirits and drinks on tap — each brewed in-house. Choose from our selection of wines, mead, or teas and coffees to complement any meal.We hope to see you here!

Upcoming Events

Join us at the Cracked Cluster! May 19th 7-10PM EST